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Dual-Weapon Mastery is a rogue and warrior talent from the Dual-Weapon Training tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information 编辑

  • Only a chosen few truly master the complicated art of fighting with two weapons. The character is now among that elite company, able to wield full-sized weapons in both hands. Characters with this ability have their fatigue permanently reduced by -2.5% when dual-wielding.
  • Characters with this talent will see "Main-Hand" weapons listed as "One-Handed," and can equip in either hand.

Notes 编辑

  • Because of the way this talent is implemented, it reduces the fatigue costs of all talents while the character is wielding two weapons—not just those talents from the Dual Weapon chain as the description implies. As a result, talents such as Taunt or Perfect Striking will consume less stamina when wielding two weapons. This is due to how abilities are defined and referenced in the various GDA files and not necessarily a bug.

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