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+2 magic
+3 mental resistance
Mages who refuse the Circle's control become apostates and live in fear of a templar's powers--the ability to dispel and resist magic. As servants of the Chantry, the templars have been the most effective means of controlling the spread and use of arcane power for centuries.

Templar is one of the specializations available to the warrior class in Dragon Age: Origins. The templar specialist's talents are focused on anti-magic combat.

Talents 编辑

Righteous Strike Cleanse Area Mental Fortress Holy Smite

Unlocking 编辑

The templar specialization can be taught by Alistair if his approval rating is high enough. Bodahn Feddic also sells a manual that will unlock the specialization.

Class bonuses 编辑

The Templar specialization is useful to any warrior. In many cases, an enemy mage is possibly the biggest threat due to their ranged damage and disables. Templar abilities help you resist these disables with the initial mental resistance bonus, and the "Mental Fortress" ability. A close range warrior is terrible for mages, especially when the "Cleanse Area" ability lets you remove disabling glyphs, and magic related stuns on your party members. When at close range, your passive ability "Righteous Strike" lets you drain mana on each hit. If you can't get within melee range, the final ability "Holy Smite" gives you access to a ranged attack useful for attacking a mage, while depleting their mana, and stunning them, all at once, while you close in.

Templar exclusive items 编辑

Templar Armor (Origins)
Knight Commander's Plate
Armor of the Divine Will

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