Southern Ferelden

Representing the furthest point of encroachment by the ancient Tevinter Imperium into the barbarian lands of the southeast, the fortress of Ostagar was once one of the most important defensive Imperial holdings south of the Waking Sea. Standing at the edge of the Korcari Wilds, its Tevinter garrisons watched for any signs of invasion by barbarians (those known to Ferelden as the Chasind Wilders). Straddling a narrow pass in the hills, the fortress kept the Chasind from the fertile lowlands of the north, being exceedingly difficult to attack due to its naturally defensible position.

Like most southern Imperial holdings, Ostagar was abandoned after Tevinter's collapse during the First Blight. It was sacked from the south at least once, but the Chasind threat has dwindled since the founding of Ferelden and no troops have been stationed the area for centuries - though most of the walls still stand, as does the Tower of Ishal (named after the Archon who ordered its construction). Ostagar remains a testament to the power of the Tevinter Imperium.

Involvement 编辑

The Hungry Deserter
The Mabari Hound
Joining the Grey Wardens
Tainted Blood
The Grey Wardens' Cache
After the Joining
Tower of Ishal (quest)

Notable items 编辑

参阅Quartermaster and The Hungry Deserter
Ser Garlen's Sword, source: Elven Messenger
Key to Mages' Chest, source: The Hungry Deserter
Hardy's Belt, source: Quartermaster (see Stealing, below)
Novice Flame Rune, source: chest by Alistair
Novice Slow Rune, source: chest by Alistair
Beef Bone, source: Sacks
Joining Chalice, source: Return to Ostagar

Notable Characters 编辑

Stealing 编辑


Stealing targets:


  • The Chantry sister leading prayer by the benches, where Ser Jory begins.
    • Both shield-bearing Knights in this prayer group.
  • A female Ash Warrior.
  • A male Ash Warrior without a helmet.
  • A soldier (bearing a round shield) close to Duncan's fire.
  • A soldier (bearing a round shield) attending the Cleric's sermon.
  • Tower Guard.
  • A soldier (bearing a shield) near the Quartermaster.
  • Both soldiers (bearing metal shields) near the Sergeant.
  • The first soldier bearing a round shield as you come up the ramp towards the Sergeant.


  • The Sergeant lecturing over the genlock corpse on the platform south of Loghain's tent (though not while he is speaking).
  • Ash Warrior Leader.
  • The Kennel Master.
  • The Quartermaster (always yields Hardy's Belt).


  • Duncan (requires at least 20 cunning)


Due to a lasting exploit, all of the daytime targets can be pick-pocketed a second time; three more 'normal' targets also become available:

  • A soldier (bearing a metal shield) near the Sergeant.
  • A male soldier (bearing a metal shield) in the group across the ramp from the Sergeant.
  • A soldier on the bridge.
  • Alistair after the joining before you go to the meeting with the King.

Containers 编辑


  • Chest (generic, critter) - southeast of the gate to the Tower of Ishal; locked (10 XP)
  • Chest (Ferelden, normal) - by Quartermaster; locked (5 XP)
  • Chest (Ferelden, critter) - by infirmary; locked (10 XP)
  • Chest (Ferelden, critter) - by sergeant; locked (5 XP)
  • Chest (Ferelden, critter) - by war council table; locked (5 XP)
  • Chest (Special, see above) - by Alistair; locked (5 XP)
  • Sack (Ferelden, normal) - platform behind Cailan's tent
  • Sack (Ferelden, critter) - platform behind Cailan's tent
  • Sack (generic, critter) - platform east of bridge
  • Sacks (generic, normal) - platform east of bridge, always includes Beef Bone


Tower of Ishal sector

Battle of Ostagar 编辑

参阅Battle of Ostagar
  1. 重定向 Template:折叠框(起源)

Notes 编辑

  • See Tainted Blood regarding an experience exploit.
  • When Morrigan guides you back from Flemeth's Hut, evening has fallen. The Quartermaster will have restocked inventory (i.e. everything bought from him during the day can be bought again); see also Stealing above.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The Deathroot (Elfroot on the pcIcon pc) due south of the King's Highway map marker resets when it becomes night in Ostagar, allowing it to be acquired once when you first arrive, and then again before the attending the strategy meeting (where it will now be a deathroot on the pcIcon pc).
  • If you fail a pickpocket attempt on some of the soldiers at Ostagar, a knight reports this to Duncan (who will defend The Warden) and, when spoken to, will give a stern yet understanding lecture on when not to steal from people and the importance of not getting caught.
    • Speaking to the Knight after this report causes him to state, "People sometimes forget that the Wardens recruit from all walks of life, even thieves. I have not forgotten."
  • When you have found the treaties and return to the night time Ostagar as a Human Noble, the Kennel Master has a ! hovering over his head and on the minimap/map, but there is nothing you can do. Confirmed on pcIcon pc

Bugs 编辑

Bug icon 漏洞! There are several places on this map where you can go "out of bounds" and enter areas that should be inaccessible. The first two of these will leave your character trapped, so remember to save your game.
  • On the lookout platform southeast of the main camp area, there is a broken ledge that you can walk off of to land on the inaccessible platform below.
  • Once Tower of Ishal has started, it is possible to walk onto one of the ballistae on the bridge and step off the ledge, landing in the middle of the battle below. The participants in the battle are low-resolution sprites that cannot be interacted with.
  • You can walk off the worn-away part of the southwest lookout next to the Tower of Ishal and travel down the slope.

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Exits 编辑

Korcari Wilds
Tower of Ishal