Battle mage icon
+2 magic
+0.25/0.5 combat health regeneration
Some mages specialize in spells that permit them to engage in combat from afar. Battlemages, by contrast, prefer to wade into the fray alongside their blade-wielding companions, close enough to read the fear in their opponents' eyes. Their spells primarily concern personal preservation as well as control of the elements in their immediate surroundings.

Battlemage is a mage specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Battlemage Spells编辑

Draining Aura Hand of Winter Stoic Elemental Chaos


Buy Manual: Battlemage from Ambassador Cera for 11 DAO goldpiece trans. You can find her in the throne room of Vigil's Keep.


Battlemage works incredibly well with Arcane Warrior as a tank. Sustaining Draining Aura or Elemental Chaos gives BM/AWs enough area of effect damage to attract all nearby enemies, while Combat Magic and Shimmering Shield allows BM/AWs to survive, along with Stoic to replenish mana drained by sustaining. You should be aware of the damage taken if you plan on using Rock Armor and Arcane Shield (and Miasma). Mana gained by the Stoic talent is equal to 50% of your damage taken. Thus if you are being hit for only a small amount of damage you can run out of mana quite fast, which makes Death Syphon an extremely good option to replenish it.

Another tactic that works is to combine Battlemage with the Keeper specialization. Using skills such as One With Nature in addition to the battlemage skills such as Hand of Winter or Draining Aura, you can deal enormous AoE damage nearby, while you hide back and cast AoE skills such as Inferno fired to break both ranged and melee enemies.


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