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+2 constitution
+2 spellpower
Every mage can feel the dark lure of blood magic. Originally learned from demons, these dark rites tap into the power of blood, converting life into mana and giving the mage command over the minds of others. Such power comes with a price, though; a blood mage must sacrifice his/her own health, or the health of allies, to fuel these abilities

Blood Mage is one of the mage specializations in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. A blood mage employs dark rites, originally taught to mortals by demons, in order to access more powerful magic. A blood mage must be willing to sacrifice their own life force or that of others in order to wield this power.

Blood Mage spells 编辑

注意: Blood Magic must be active for use of these spells.

Blood Magic (spell) Blood Sacrifice Blood Wound Blood Control

Unlocking 编辑

Dragon Age: Origins:
During the Arl of Redcliffe quest line, a mage Warden can unlock the specialization if they enter the Fade to confront the Desire Demon. No other class can unlock it (even if Jowan is authorized to send a non-mage Warden), nor can any NPC mage sent in the Warden's stead. At the end of this Fade episode, you'll meet up with the true form of the Desire Demon; if you elect to converse with it, and strike a deal, one of the rewards available is the Blood Mage specialization. (If you do decide to go this route, plot results are the same as if you kill the demon - until the Epilogue, which will reveal a different fate for Connor. (See here for the Desire Demon dialogue tree.)

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening:

  • Additionally, the Baroness may also teach this specialization to the Warden-Commander during the Shadows of the Blackmarsh quest, if she is persuaded to give another reward in return for the latter's help in dealing with the villagers.
    • This is currently bugged for pcpcxbox360xbox360, however there is an unofficial fix for PC users.

Blood Mage restricted/improvement gear编辑

Blood Ring, obtained by winning four unofficial proving matches in Orzammar.
Robes of Avernus, worn by Avernus in the Warden's Keep DLC.
Lifedrinker, found inside an egg in the Wyrmling Lair. (while this item does not have the "Improves blood magic" property, in can only be used by a character with the Blood Mage Specialization).
Blood Promise, found in an armoire during the Freedom for Anders quest in the Awakening expansion
Sash of Forbidden Secrets, appears in inventory after completing The Golems of Amgarrak DLC
注意: Items that "improve blood magic" do so by lowering the health cost to activate abilities while Blood Magic is active by 25% (after fatigue adjustment). This improvement does not stack; therefore wearing two or more of these items at once may be a nice style option, but is no more potent for purposes of the "improvement".

Specialization combinations 编辑

Arcane Warrior 编辑

A particularly useful solution to a low Mana pool. Constitution is highly recommended with this combination. Blood Wound is an excellent asset for the more offensive Arcane Warrior or a tank drawing threat.

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